The "Logic House" Game

The Logic House

Play 12 different games in one! The game reviews such mathematics concepts, as shape and color, counting, matching numbers and objects, classification, and comparison.

12 games in one.

12 assignments reviewing different math concepts.

Unique design.

The unique picture of each of the 12 houses represents one of the 12 months of the year.


Math concepts for young players.


There are several difficulty levels for players of different age and skill.


The game has been developed by a team of talented teachers, child psychologists, designers, and programmers and is supported in English, Russian, Spanish, and French.

Play and Learn!
Early development for your child.

The Review of Martin Elsbach on PlayMarket about#The Logic House

Lovely app Great for young kids whether they can read or not. Parents can provide instructions but kids can probably figure it out for themselves. Great learning tool.

The Review of Mike Khitrykh on PlayMarket about#The Logic House

An excellent educational game! Very nice game for young children. Kids can practice math and logic concepts in an entertaining environment.

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